Admission is open to the children aged One and half years or above by merit irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or nationality. Admission is offered for the following classes.
Admission request will be processed only through prescribed application forms. It is mandatory that the parents or responsible guardians be present at the time of interview for admission of their children. Admission in the play group and hostel (boarding)will be accepted only after the school is satisfied that it will be for the betterment of the child. Scholarships may be granted to a few deserving students every year as per the decision of the management board strictly on the basis of merit and economic condition.

Class Age
Play Group 1 ½ yrs +
Nursery 3 yrs
LKG 4 yrs
UKG 5 yrs
I - X 6 - 16 yrs
XI - XII 16 - 18 yrs

The bi- monthly bills will be dispatched every 25th of the previous month. The fee has to be cleared by the 10th of the first month of which the bill is issued. A late fee fine of Rs. 25/- per day will be levied for late payments.

Withdrawal of a child during an academic session is strongly discouraged. In case of such withdrawals the annual fees will not be refunded. However, if a child is to be transferred to another school, the school must be notified at least 3 months prior to the transfer. A parent or legal guardian must sign an official Withdrawal Form in the school office, failing which 3 months fees will be charged in lieu of the notice. Transfer certificate will be issued on payment of all school fees up to date and will be issued after 3 days from the date of submission of application.The decision of the Principal in this respect is not open to question.

Re-registration occurs on a yearly basis. Note that no re-registration fee is charged. All families are expected to re-register their children for the following school year no later then the date specified on the monthly calendar.
No student will be permitted to begin the new school year unless all financial obligations of the pervious school year have been satisfied.

One of the most important aspects of education is discipline which should eventually be internalized. Discipline is the training that develops self-control, orderliness, efficiency and character.Students are responsible for knowing the school rules, understanding their importance, and abiding by them throughout the school year. All rules and regulations are in effect during school hours on school grounds, in school vehicles, and on school trips. Basic to all discipline is the principle of respect - respect for one's self, for others and for all children. Children constantly reporting late too school up to 3 times will be sent back home under disciplinary measures.
In order to form proper habits and attitudes, the following rules for good conduct are expected to be obeyed by every student;

  • Respect for all faculty members, other students and self.
  • Respect for all school property and school uniform.
  • Courtesy and consideration for all members of the school community.
  • Silence at places and times designated for silence.
  • No chewing of gum in the building or on school grounds.
  • Electronics, Fancy Stationery, accessories are not permitted in the school premises.
  • Only school exercise copies and books are to be used.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for failure to adhere to the above rules. An action will be taken against any child who fails to abide by the school rules and regulations.
A gray card will be issued for the 1st offense, a brown card for the 2nd and a black card for the 3rd, a record of which will be maintained and the issue of a black card will result in suspension of the child for 2 days from school. If the child continues to violate school rules any further he/ she will be expelled from the school.

Wearing a uniform is a sign of identification with the school community. By wearing a uniform, students show pride in their school and exhibit respect for their person by dressing in a dignified manner. The uniform also helps to reduce competition in dress as a result of contemporary styles. Student should arrive at school and leave school in full uniform. Boys hair length may not exceed collar length. All hair must be kept clean and neat. Fad or engraved hairstyles are not permitted.
Jewelry is not permitted, except that girls may wear one pair of post earrings, no hoops or dangles.
Positively NO Make-Up or Nail-Polish is permitted during school hours.
Please ensure that name tags are put and labeled on all personal belongings. Uniforms are also required for sports classes.

:: For Boys :: For Girls
□ School Shirt
□ Shorts(III & below)Trousers (IV & above)
□ Tie red (III & below)blue (IV & above)
□ School belt
□ Sweater
□ Red Half (for all)
□ Red full (III & below)
□ Navy blue open sweater with V neck (IV & above)
□ School Jacket with monogram
□ Muffler cum cap
□ School Socks
□ Black shoes with lace
□ School Shirt
□ Tunic(III & below)Skirts (IV & above)
□ Tie red (III & below)blue (IV & above)
□ School belt
□ Sweater
□ Red Half (for all)
□ Red full (III & below)
□ Navy blue open sweater with round neck (IV & below)
□ School Jacket with monogram
□ Muffler cum cap
□ School Socks
□ White ribbon or white headband
□ Navy blue stockings
□ Black shoes with lace

:: Uniform for XI-XII
School white stripe shirt, school Trousers(boys),skirt(girls),check tie, school belt, school socks, Black shoes with lace, Turquoise blue sweater and blazer.

School Sports Outfit Sports Jacket,Sports Track pants,Sports T- Shirt, Sports Socks, Sports Shoes
Hostel Uniform Hostel Track Suit, Hostel T-shirt, Track Shoes, Socks

At the home, more than any other place, parents teach by their example, reverence for God and respect for the dignity of others. They are also tremendously influential in cultivating among their children the virtues of love of neighbor, justice, generosity, loyalty, industry and honesty which are essential to their living a modest life. To bridge the gap between home and school, a frank, free and frequent dialogue between parents and teachers is essential. The aspirations of the parents and the aims and objectives of the school can be achieved only if there is active participation and involvement of the parents in the joint venture.

  • Parents are the roots in any child's life. Be their INSPIRATION.
  • Parents should adhere to their PRINCIPLES and teach the child the same.
  • You are the frame of their PERSONALITY, ensure you stay constant.
  • While taking bold, decisive steps, BE CERTAIN your child's emotions are not under stress.
  • Give them examples of your own past and the past of great men, but make sure your child develops and grows in his/her thinking and is his/her NATURAL SELF, not artificial.
  • Any parent who enters into the school premises must carry a good CODE OF CONDUCT. Remember you are in the midst of children who in an instant will imitate.
  • No dark glasses while in the school premises.... Eyes are the WINDOWS of the soul.
  • The most important-never boast to the child of the things you do for him. Let them APPRECIATE each and every move in his/her own little way. Be his/her guiding light.

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