Alok Explorer:

Alok explorer is an event organised for the occasion of World's Environment Day. Hand made Models are made to display on this day. Students learn creativity and presentation skills through this. Parents and guests are invited to see the hardwork of the students and motivate them. This event is looked after by the students with the guidence of their teachers which also helps them learn management and leadership quality.

Alok explorer is all about exploring different qualities and interests of the students.

Kid's festAlok Kid's fest:

Alok Vidyashram tries to give opportunities to children in every possible way. One of our ways is interschool competitions though which children learn interaction as well as competition. Alok kid's fest is one of such ideas and is conducted every year. In this programme, we cover different areas of creativity like fashion show, singing, dancing, cooking without fire, poem writing and handwriting etc. Students from different schools are invited to participate in the different categories along with our own students.

Alok kid's fest opens the door to golden opportunities for the students to showcase their talents.

Alok Model United Nation:

Alok Model United Nation, a Programme introduced for the development of debating and research skills in the students. These days most of the time of all students is spent on internet, why not make it useful? AMUN is a platform which will enable students to learn about different issues arising all around the world and solutions to them. Children will learn how difficulties are faced and are expected to gain motivation. Different countries will be discussed and this will enhance their knowledge in a vast way.

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