Club Activities

What are club activities?
Club activities are student lead, extracurricular activities. Clubs are where academia, civic engagement, hobbies and leisure come together. This is a great opportunity to use your knowledge and personal interests from their classrooms and bring it to a more informal and fun environment, where students are in control. Clubs are student run organizations comprising of administration approved activities. This is an opportunity for you to work in a team, organize events, explore your surroundings and have practical experiences in a safe environment.

Clubs at Alok Vidyashram:

Alok Reporter
Kids who read succeed! Members of this club are investigative students who enjoy journalism and reporting. They are independent student reporters who who work with other club members so the rest of us know what’s up!

Debate Club
This is a good opportunity to advocate and promote justice, equality and basic human rights and ultimately, serve the community. Member of the debate club deliberate on issues and enhance their public speaking skills.

Environmental Club
Activism begins at home! This great club is is for nature lovers who like to live in a clean and green environment. This is the sustainability group in school who serve the community, and educate friends, family and the larger community. This club is for students who want to learn and work towards the conservation and sustainability of their environment.

Future Scientists Club
Scientists observe the world they live in, and try to make sense of it. Science is about turning mysterious, and complicated things into understandable phenomenons. This club finds creative ways to make connections between science in textbooks and everyday life activities and objects!

Sports Club
This is a group of sports enthusiasts. Our junior and senior team meet once a week to play their favorite sports.

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