Life at Alok

1. A day in Alok

Students arrive at school between by 8:35 am and the assembly begins at 8:45am.
All classes begin the day with the morning assembly. The assembly is conducted by students and they present the thought of the day, daily news and a presentation- each day. The students sing the national anthem and the school song. The assembly is dismissed by the Principal after words of encouragement.
Students get a short break for breakfast then class begins at 9:00am. There are nine periods a day, and each period is

2. ECA

Extra Curricular Activities are instrumental in teaching teamwork, leadership and healthy competition. Increasingly, colleges and universities enquire about involvement outside of academia. Extra Curricular Activities open a world of creativity and talent, which is important for an overall development of a child’s personality. Students have the opportunity to pursue learning Western Music (Drums, Guitar, Flute, Keyboard) Art, Craft, Languages (Chinese, French), and Dance.

Music and Dance is offered to students of all classes. Western and classes dances are taught and four instruments (Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Flute) are taught by instructors from Sushila Arts Academy in our school.

3. Life beyond Classrooms

Education at Alok Vidyashram moves beyond classrooms. At Alok Vidyashram, we provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment that promotes children’s learning, develops confidence, and encourages each child’s growth and development. Students have easy access to our science (physics, chemistry, biology) labs, math lab and computer lab. Students often get the chance to watch documentaries, lectures and academic videos as a part of their curriculum. The Audio Visual room serves as a classroom that teachers love to take advantage of. Accompanied by teachers, students are taken to numerous educational class tand school trips. All students are taught Martial Arts and Yoga, because we care about fitness and mindfulness. Students have a wide range of Clubs to choose from. We encourage students to take part in inter school competitions and prepare them through workshops with our mentors. Students are taken to numerous educational trips and three large outings during the school year. Field trips and outdoor trips expand children's learning through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community. It also increases student knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study as they are extensions of their classrooms. Students of Classes Nur to XII will be taken for field trips within Kathmandu during the school hours. Outdoor Excursions for Classes V & XII during the school academic year will also be a part of the curriculum. Alokians are contributing members of society and we take pride in their involvement in the community.

4. Martial Art & Yoga

Martial art, any of various fighting sports or skills, mainly of East Asian origin, such as kung fu, judo, karate, and kendo. Martial arts helps build stamina, tone muscles, increase flexibility, grow balance and strength. The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Yoga helps to relieve stress, concentrate and boost confidence. A balance of martial art and yoga ensures bodily discipline, physical and mental wellbeing as well as a peaceful frame of mind.

5. Nutrition

The health of the children is a matter of primary concern at Alok Vidyashram for we firmly believe that a healthy mind grows and functions productively only in a healthy body. We are, therefore, quite conscious to a very healthy atmosphere in the school. Provision has been made for supplying clean, boiled and properly filtered drinking water in the school premises. Not only is it sanitary, but the food is absolutely delicious and loved by our students! Breakfast, lunch and snacks is provided in school.

6. Transportation

Transportation is an option most students take advantage of. There are regular bus transport for children with stops in main points in the city. Children have to take the nearest existing stops as there will be no change in the routes that ply. We have 7 routes that across the city and your child will be alloted to the suitable route upon transportation request.
Bus Route:

Buses will be plying at the stops at the timings stated in the school diary. No child will be dropped from the bus without the school ID verification by the staff on bus. In case no person is there to receive the child, the bus will get the child back to the school and parents can come and collect the children from the school itself. A month’s notice has to be given to avail or leave the bus services. Parents/ Guardians coming to collect walking children too have to show the out pass card everyday to the teacher at the gate so that children can be sent with the right person.

7. Sports

At Alok Vidyashram, each month has a designated sport and sport competitions every month. Our enthusiastic coach keep our kids active by providing theoretical and practical knowledge of basketball, football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, skating, PT, swimming and other popular sports. We also offer students the opportunity to be in a sports club.

8. Club Activities

What are club activities?
Club activities are student lead, extracurricular activities. Clubs are where academia, civic engagement, hobbies and leisure come together. This is a great opportunity to use
your knowledge and personal interests from their classrooms and bring it to a more informal and fun environment, where students are in control. Clubs are student run organizations comprising of administration approved activities. This is an opportunity for you to work in a team, organize events, explore your surroundings and have practical experiences in a safe environment.

Clubs at Alok Vidyashram:
Alok Reporter- Kids who read succeed! Members of this club are investigative students who enjoy journalism and reporting. They are independent student reporters who who work with other club members so the rest of us know what’s up!
Debate Club- This is a good opportunity to advocate and promote justice, equality and basic human rights and ultimately, serve the community. Member of the debate club deliberate on issues and enhance their public speaking skills.
Environmental Club- Activism begins at home! This great club is is for nature lovers who like to live in a clean and green environment. This is the sustainability group in school who serve the community, and educate friends, family and the larger community. This club is for students who want to learn and work towards the conservation and sustainability of their environment.
Future Scientists Club- Scientists observe the world they live in, and try to make sense of it. Science is about turning mysterious, and complicated things into understandable phenomenons. This club finds creative ways to make connections between science in textbooks and everyday life activities and objects!
Sports Club- This is a group of sports enthusiasts. Our junior and senior team meet once a week to play their favorite sports.

9. Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an educational stimulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. Alok Vidyashram has taken students to the Harvard MUN since 2014. Delegates from Alok Vidyashram participated in the largest iteration of HMUN ever - a gathering of 3,300 high school delegates and their faculty advisors from 50 countries, and 31 committees spanning two hotel venues. Interested parents of students (Classes 9 and above) to contact the school as soon as possible.

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