About Us

1. About the school

Education at Alok Vidyashram moves beyond classrooms. At Alok Vidyashram, we provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment that promotes children’s learning, develops confidence, and encourages each child’s growth and development. Students have easy access to our science (physics, chemistry, biology) labs, math lab and computer lab. Students often get the chance to watch documentaries, lectures and academic videos as a part of their curriculum. The Audio Visual room serves as a classroom that teachers love to take advantage of. Accompanied by teachers, students are taken to numerous educational class tand school trips. Extra Curricular Activities are instrumental in teaching teamwork, leadership and healthy competition. Increasingly, colleges and universities enquire about involvement outside of academia. Extra Curricular Activities open a world of creativity and talent, which is important for an overall development of a child’s personality. Students have the opportunity to pursue learning Western Music (Drums, Guitar, Flute, Keyboard) Art, Craft, Languages (Chinese, French), and Dance. All students are taught Martial Arts and Yoga, because we care about fitness and mindfulness. Students have a wide range of Clubs to choose from. Being in a club provides opportunities to work in a teams, organize events, explore their surroundings and have practical experiences in a safe environment. The various clubs are: Literary Club, Human Rights Club, Environmental Club, Future Scientists Club, Health Club, Music Club, Sports Club. We Encourage our students to take part in inter school competitions and prepare them through workshops with our mentors. Alokians are contributing members of society and we take pride in their involvement in the community.

2. Mission and Vision

Vision : Since 1994, Alok Vidyashram has set the precedent for imparting knowledge along with cultural values. Our traditional values and modern outlook is what sets us apart from other schools.
We inseminate cultural values by teaching empathy, kindness, respect for people and surroundings from the primary level. At the same time, we cater to the changing needs of today’s children by
by constantly examining the curriculum to make learning more practical and interesting. Students at Alok, receive a modern education along with cultural values and morals.

Mission: To continue assessing student success and putting the best interests of students above everything else. Alok Vidyashram believes that children can become become effective communicators and that they can be passiontionate for knowledge, research and learning. We want to motivate all students by engaging in differentiated instructional strategies so most students grow to be well rounded, successful adults.

3. Message from the Principal

Welcome to Alok Vidyashram and thank you for visiting our website. Alok Vidyashram is definitely a very exciting place to be. We offer a program designed to inculcate the core skills needed to become an independent self learner who will be successful in future academic endeavors - but we offer much more than that.

Children can devise a scientific experiment, ride along, sing a song, discover the joy of helping someone less fortunate than themselves, make a friend, swim a lap, learn how to work in a team, become a computer whiz, solve a tough math problem and take some time out to curl up in the library with a good book. Alok Vidyashram is a very active place and it has something for everyone. If you walk the halls and listen quietly you will hear the telltale buzz of young minds working at full capacity. I invite you to enter the fray and join us. If you do, be careful you don't get trampled by the headlong, frenetic rush of children engaged in becoming all that they can be.
Welcome to the future.
Mrs. Banita Agrawal
Executive Director / Principal

4. Why CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by Union Government of India. CBSE syllabus is more student-oriented and helps the students to better prepare themselves for the competitive examinations at the all-India level. CBSE not only prepares students for education in India but helps student get an edge over others when they apply to reputed institutions abroad or in home in Nepal. CBSE offers a curriculum that sets the foundation of a child’s understanding towards the world. It is the framework that shows the child to carry forward his path to success.

5. Rules and Regulations

Students are to come to school in proper school uniform in the summer comprising of:

Winter Uniform for students is as follows( effective from Nov 1, 2016):

*The school diary contains the above lists.
The reason we implement a strict dress code is to instill a sense of responsibility and the concept of private and public property in our students. Alongside academic responsibilities, we want Alokians to be responsible children, students and citizens. Taking care of their uniform, ID card and school property is a mere exercise to help them learn discipline and respect towards their belongings and their environment.

The medium of instruction and expression in the school is only English. Other languages are spoken only during the periods allotted for vernacular subjects.

(use other existing rules and regulations available on the website)

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