Chairman Sir

Late Shri Banwari Lal Mittal Ji

Mr. Banwari Lal Mittal was born in Watu Mubahal, Kathmandu on March 22, 1936. He was the founder and executive chairman of the Shree Airlines. He served in various organisations and charities in different positions. He was chairman of the Nepal Chamber of Comemrce and Marwari Sewa Samiti in the past.

A self made man with unique thoughts who started the business of construction after he completed his studies in Varanasi. He also opened an association of nepalese students in Varanasi. An association of Banaras hindu university was established in kathmandu under his guidance.Then he went to Mumbai for his further studies.After graduation he wanted to study law which is why he had to look after his business concurrently with his studies . He was involved in different charity works including his support in the construction of roads , assistance in Pashupati vikash and establishment of eye hospitals. He has been a role model for his daughter( Banita M Agrawal ) and supported her in every step of her life. Alok Vidyashram is flourishing with his blessing and is expected to fulfill the dreams beheld in the gleaming eyes of its children.

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