As a part of the over all national system, the school accepts the curriculum prescribed by by the Government of Nepal. However, in order to attain our objectives to the fullest possible extent, the course of study will be supplemented by several other educational materials, extra and co–curricular activities and audio-visual programs. At the pre-primary level the emphasis will be laid on spontaneous growth of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of the child. The educational process of the child will be accelerated through appropriately graded educational materials and well trained teachers.

In the higher grades, while the curriculum will incorporate various subjects on science and humanities, the educational process will be further enriched and strengthened with course on computer and vocational studies. Music and moral education will also from an integral part of the overall school curriculum.The school has obtained affiliation from both the Nepal Government for the SLC Board and the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE).

Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the child and in His or Her character training.

In all cases, the school office should be notified by the parent before 9:00 AM if a student is to be absent that day followed by a written excuse from the parent of the absent student to the teacher when the student returns to school. These become part of the attendance file. If a child remains absent for more than 20 days without intimidation, his/ her name is liable to be struck off the rolls and dues adjusted. No student may leave school during the school day unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who must report to the school office. In the case of a student's illness while in school, the school will call the telephone number listed on the "Emergency Contact Card". If the nature of the emergency requires immediate medical attention, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital. If there are any changes on the "Emergency Contact Card" the parent or guardian is responsible to notify the school in writing immediately.

The parent or guardian must sign the student out on a Student Gate Pass before the student leaves the building. This record will be kept on file and is considered a legal document.

Admit cards will be issued for Summative Assessment conducted quarterly after a clearance from the Class Teachers for attendance and Accounts Section for all dues. Failure to produce the admit cards at the time of examination will result in exemption from the exam. Syllabus for the ensuing examination will comprise of all the chapters and lessons being covered in class up to the examination. A strict action will be taken against students who fail to adhere to the examination code of conduct.

No re- examinations will be taken except for certain unavoidable circumstances. Regular Class Tests and Formative Assessment will be conducted, a record of which will be maintained in the students diary. Marks and grades will also be awarded for various homework assignments and extra co-curricular activities being conducted on a regular basis in the class rooms. Promotion to the next class will be granted only if the child successfully completes the academic session with required attendance and scores an aggregate 50% in all tests.

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