Welcome to Alok Vidyashram


Welcome to Alok Vidyashram and thank you for visiting our website. Alok Vidyashram is definitely a very exciting place to be. We offer a program designed to inculcate the core skills needed to become an independent self learner who will be successful in future academic endeavors - but we offer much more than that.

Children can devise a scientific experiment, ride along, sing a song, discover the joy of helping someone less fortunate than themselves, make a friend, swim a lap, learn how to work in a team, become a computer whiz, solve a tough math problem and take some time out to curl up in the library with a good book. Alok Vidyashram is a very active place and it has something for everyone. If you walk the halls and listen quietly you will hear the telltale buzz of young minds working at full capacity. I invite you to enter the fray and join us. If you do, be careful you don't get trampled by the headlong, frenetic rush of children engaged in becoming all that they can be.

Welcome to the future.
Mrs. Banita Agrawal
Executive Director / Principal

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