Khaptad Baba

Baba was born on February 10, 1880 in Kashmir and was by academic qualification a medical doctor. In quest of knowing the Ultimate Truth, he renounced the world and became a Sanyasi under the discipleship of Revered Gurudev Shri 1008 Swami Gyanasramaji who had his hermitage on the bank of Bhagirathi River in India.

After spending a number of years at various places in India, Baba along with Shyam Chetan Baba, Mr. Evans Wentz and others, six in number left for Nepal. Of them Shyam Chetan Baba made his abode at a tiny room adjoined to Pashupati Nath temple in Kathmandu, Mr Wentz undertook a further journey to Tibet and Sikkim, and Baba traveled along the high mountain sides of Nepal and settled temporarily in Ilam, Kalinchowk, Swarga Dwari, Mushikot, Chandannath and ultimately in Khaptad.


As a kid I always aspired to open a school , where students could touch the sky high with their legs on the ground and also be rooted to their religion and culture. Whenever I used to go to khaptad Baba's Ashram I had few doubts , few questions but khaptad Baba would understand me in a way that would clear my doubts. He would answer my queries before I would ask anything. He had keen interest about schooling . Whenever I visited to him, baba would ask me about our school .

He was very curious to know about the school timing. Baba has played a significant role in the formation of Alok Vidyashram. He dreamt of having a school with students rooted to their culture.

I am trying to fulfill his dream wholeheartedly!

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